A chance sliding door moment led to the ultimate FWB

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I skipped through the automated gates and grabbed my ticket as it flipped up in front of me. The next southbound Victoria line train was imminent. I have learned to keep my eyes down and my movements stealth in the depths of the London underground. Rush hour is not for the faint-hearted.

It was only five stops to my next meeting. A cab would have taken 45 minutes for a 1 mile journey. So, I crushed into the carriage and claimed a slither of the chrome upright pole in front of me to keep my balance.

I surveyed the advertising…

A private party for two was gatecrashed

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What had started as a couple of drinks with Melanie and her husband, Joe had quickly escalated into something no-one could have predicted. Joe was ordered upstairs to listen just over an hour ago. It was Melanie’s fantasy to be tied up and sexually used by another man.

The couples’ leap into a new sexual lifestyle pushed them both well out of their comfort zone.

I met Joe at a conference in Cologne. We got on well. We were a similar age but that was all.

His lack of self-preservation had led to a non-existent sex life. His beautiful wife was sexually bereft of what she really wanted. So, I let him into my world of sexual…

Supporting her husband on a different level

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The sound of a letter hitting the wooden floor in the hallway is a novelty these days. Plus it’s rare to receive any post that isn’t a bill or demand of someone or another.

I’d chosen bamboo flooring for the ground floor of my new second home. Its cool touch under my feet made it feel alive and centred.

The vanilla coloured envelope was crisp and authoritative. It felt important.

Three yellow crowns set against the deep blue shield of the national coat of arms printed beautifully in the centre made me both nervous and excited at the same moment…

The incredible journey of emotional healing

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Please note: My experience was a highly unusual chain of events. When dealing with pain, people should always follow the advice of medical professionals.

I walked into the foyer of the Midland Hotel in Manchester. It was a Saturday morning in August 1997. I was taking part in a seminar on the revolutionary training techniques called S.A.Q.

The seminar was hosted by an American guy called Randy. S.A.Q was short for speed, agility and quickness. I would be helping him demonstrate resisted plyometric leaps. This involved me jumping several times as high as I could, both with and without resistance.

Blockchains and Alt Coins were not all she knew about

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I’m a little old school. Throwing a lot of money at an unregulated goldmine sounds ridiculously risky.

However, the more I heard, the more intrigued I was. I pulled out my headphones for a second. I needed a moment. The cryptocurrency podcast I was listening to had frazzled my brain.

Another strong espresso was called for.

It was my third and it was only 10 am. My irritation of not being able to join the dots on all things crypto was getting the better of me.

I opened my phone’s contacts, looking for inspiration. Simon’s name flicked past. I reversed my thumb and hit call.


More men should live the domestic dream

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I’m in a strong relationship. It’s a 50:50 thing. 50:50 in everything. This includes child care, cooking (of which I do 90%), and cleaning. I support and encourage my partner in everything she aspires to be, I listen to her and would protect her and our children with my life.

A relationship is a deep and beautiful thing. It’s two people gradually stripping away layers of personal intimacy and trust to become aligned. Having a strong personal identity as well as an amplified union is powerful and liberating.

You have to look after yourself as well as your relationship.


Spontaneity is always rewarded

Photo 165022734 © Oleg Gekman | Dreamstime.com

It was a funny day. The late spring weather had me literally flip-flopping in and out of doorways for hours. I was dressed badly for what was a Jekyll and Hyde of a day. I had danced a slippery dance with the elements.

It had started well. An All Saints white t-shirt with dark denim jeans and Adidas Allstar white trainers seemed a good call. That was at 9 am as the warm sun ripped through my hotel room in Mayfair. My meetings were all informal. …

The importance of planning and concentration

ID 65422332© Sakkmesterke | Dreamstime.com

I was rushing. I had left the large hotel suite an hour ago to find ice for the champagne bucket.

I’d set up the scene perfectly. It had been a long time in the making. There was no point in being specific and demanding of someone else if I couldn’t keep my end of the deal. Punctuality was essential when evolving a sub/dom relationship with an unimaginably beautiful woman.

I swung through the gravel grounds of the country house we were meeting at. The heat of the day warmed me as my leather-soled shoes crunched their way to the main…

Fiction Friday

Photo by Henri Pham on Unsplash

The key turned slowly. My hand was moist. The key slipped a little. I took a deep breath. I was careful not to drop the tightly packed brown paper bags of organic food I’d just carried three blocks and seventeen flights of stairs. We paid top dollar for a penthouse in central Tokyo, yet today of all days the elevator decides to stop. I could feel my shirt sticking to me, my hair was soaked. The humidity was higher than the midday sun.

The door finally clicked open. Ice cool air immediately calmed my equilibrium. Still juggling, I leaned my…

You’d be in trouble if they worked out

Photo 196140923 © Alessandro Biascioli | Dreamstime.com

I scanned the photo of suited men who graced Davos in Switzerland for one of the most scrutinized World Economic Forums in recent times. If you strip away their power, money and position, for a moment, you are left with a group of old, overweight, unfit and decrepit men.

The power they accumulate is definitely a good thing (for them). However, it is worthless when you are unable to tie your own shoelace or get up off the floor without assistance. …

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